Working at Salon Aubrey gives you the opportunity to build your career at an established salon with a diverse clientele. Here, you’ll find a culture that welcomes artists and independent thinkers and you’ll become part of a team dedicated to helping each individual reach their fullest potential. Whether you’re looking to refine your technical skills or build your business expertise, we’ll help you find your path to success.

To apply for a position with Salon Aubrey, please contact us at 540.687.5247 or use the contact form below.


Salon Aubrey likes to cooperate with other like-minded professional stylists and barbers. Having freelance staus can offer the right individual the freedom to manage his or her own success. If you are intrested in freelance opportunities, please reach out to us at 540.687.5247 or use the contact form below. 


Are you interested in becoming a barber or hair stylist? You can experience this fulfilling and challenging career yourself through the Virginia Barber and Cosmetology Training Program. As a participating salon with a highly qualified staff, Salon Aubrey is the ideal place for you to gain valuable experience in this important craft.

The 3,000-hour apprenticeship program can be challenging and very rewarding for the right candidate. You can learn more about it here: http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/boards/barbercosmo/

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